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If you are an extra EU student residing outside Italy you can take the test via Skype5: check the admission rankings6: if you have ranked successfully, accept your place7: fill in the application for registration8: make the first instalment paymentYou can take advantage of economic benefits including scholarships, tax reductions and incentives for students outside the region. Read the calls in the relevant web pages to find out how and when to submit the request.PISE is an interdisciplinary programme that combines elements of three distinct subject areas providing a critical perspective while situating them in the broader social science context. By choosing the appropriate courses, students can then continue on to the relevant Master degrees in Philosophy, International Relations, Global Development and Entrepreneurship and Economics and Finance offered by Ca’ Foscari since they will have accumulated enough credits to gain access to each of them.Taught entirely in English, PISE was patterned after the Oxford Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) programme, which was first offered at the prestigious British University in the 1920s.The PISE lecture series captures the spirit of this new programme: scholars such as Marc Lynch, who also assist leading practitioners in decision making, demonstrate how academic knowledge can be applied in working towards the common good.In this context professors such as Fred Lawson, Gregory Gause, III, Joseph Grieco, John Ikenberry, Gilles Kepel, Eugene Rogan, Avi Shlaim, Roger Goodman, Rosemary Foot, Rosemarie Brisciana, Gary Sick, Michael Willis, Helene von Bismarck, Patrick Cohrs and many others came to Venice for lectures, seminars and held research fellowships at Ca’ Foscari creating a bridge between PISE students and the world of international research..

La carrellata di personaggi degna di Lewis Carroll e del suo Paese delle Meraviglie. Da Parzialmente Dave alla mosca sul naso di Franco, dalla grassa escrescenza su Eric Udente fino all muffo muffo. E il metodo lo stesso del creatore di Alice: accompagnare il “senso” fino ai suoi confini, utilizzare le parole come laboratori mobili per estrarre nuovi significati, come un campo da gioco.

BERLIN Germany had been unbeaten for 22 games. When the first defeat since the European Championship came Tuesday, it was well deserved. Joachim Low’s much changed and wholly unconvincing side put in one of the poorest performances in the Bundestrainer’s 12 year reign, stumbling to a 1 0 loss against a clever, if unspectacular Brazil team that flattered the hosts in the end.

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