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The first type has a wider chronological span (late Roman period Middle Ages), but local and extra regional analogies show an increase during the centuries of the early Middle Ages, especially on cooking pots and bowls. The Middle Ages (XI XV c.) are represented with more numerous and varied coarse ware types (jugs, basins, cups, bowls) showing more frequent similarities with Tyrrhenian productions. The kitchen service is mostly formed by cooking pots and basket handle cooking pots, which represent a new and really popular type of vessel for the Marches between the XI XIV c., with local productions and extra regional products being evidence for trade between the Adriatic regions and the Tyrrhenian area..

In recent seasons, it seems Rangers have rarely got the right balance between quality and commitment. Karl Henry works like a man possessed, Yun Suk Young is desperate to continue his learning curve and Nedum Onuoha has been a stalwart. At the other end of the spectrum more gifted talents like Adel Taarabt, Niko Kranjcar and Eduardo Vargas have shown flashes of brilliance, but ultimately failed in their responsibilities to the team..

PISA. Quattro spot dedicati ai giovani e alla movida notturna per sensibilizzare al rispetto dell’ambiente e del patrimonio culturale di Pisa. Così la prefettura, insieme a Comune, Società della Salute, Scuola Normale, Parco di San Rossore, in collaborazione con Geofor e Avr, intende affiancare alle sua normale attività di controllo del territorio tramite le forze dell’ordine e alla partecipazione a iniziative di volontariato positivo come quella dei ‘Cavalieri senza Vetro’, anche un progetto educativo, basato sulla comunicazione..

Il 31 marzo Albert Arnold Gore, meglio conosciuto comeAl Gore, compie 70 anni. Nato nel 1948 a Washington, negli Stati Uniti, è probabilmente uno degli ambientalisti più famosi al mondo. Notorietà che deve soprattutto ai suoi precedenti incarichi istituzionali.

Known for his refusal to be limited by paltry constraints such as real words, Seuss books overflowed with nonsense and rhythm, great honkings of joy, and an onomatopoeiac clamor that made children chortle. His mind blowing gift for rhyme and flair for the silly ensures that his books remain cherished by little (and not so little) kids today.In celebration of a man that left readers of all ages with endless entertainment and joy, we compiled a list of some of our most interesting Dr. Seuss sales, from the classics like and to the obscure, like the once remaindered .

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