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Phil Moeller: You are always free to terminate Part B of Medicare. The question is whether you will be socked with late enrollment penalties later when you sign up for it again. The good news here is that you won’t! When you turn 65, you will have a new enrollment period and will not be exposed to late enrollment penalties.

Un messaggio di sostegno a Pirozzi è arrivato da Antonio Decaro, sindaco di Bari e presidente dell’Anci: ” il momento di dire basta: non è possibile che il sindaco, solo perché è il terminale più esposto delle istituzioni democratiche, quello che i cittadini conoscono direttamente e al quale affidano le loro preoccupazioni più serie nei momenti più gravi, diventi personalmente bersaglio, sia colui che, personalmente, risponde per gli effetti di qualsiasi calamità. A Sergio Pirozzi, sindaco di Amatrice, va la mia sincera solidarietà e quella dei Comuni”. “Garantista sempre e con tutti.

They are part of a broader group of guys who are depending on recent performances and hoping they can catch Sampaoli’s eye during the next two months.On the domestic front, there are players with a solid chance of making the final 23, in particular a pair of small gems in Argentine soccer: Lautaro Martnez and Cristian Pavon. They have been consistently good for Racing and Boca respectively and are certainly being pondered by the manager.On the fringe, the likes of Carlos Tevez, Ricardo Centurion and goalie Franco Armani are being watched closely by Sampaoli. They seem to be on the outside looking in but could make the team if they shine in March and April.

Humble pie all round for those who doubted Tim Sherwood’s abilities. Six wins from their last 10 games have propelled an Aston Villa side that looked doomed to the heady heights of 14th place. They can secure their safety with another win, but they probably won’t need to.

ResultsCross sectionally the FRAIL scale correlated significantly with IADL difficulties, SPPB, grip strength and one leg stand among participants with no baseline ADL difficulties (N=703) and those outcomes plus gait speed in those with no baseline ADL dependencies (N=883). TNFR1 was increased in pre frail and frail subjects and CRP in some subgroups. Longitudinally (N=423 with no baseline ADL difficulties or N=528 with no baseline ADL dependencies), and adjusted for the baseline value for each outcome, being pre frail at baseline significantly predicted future ADL difficulties, worse one leg stand scores, and mortality in both groups, plus IADL difficulties in the dependence excluded group.

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