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Mi è stata tolta dal fascismo. Niente lingua slovena, solo italiana. Se il Comune non può inserire la parola fascismo nelle motivazioni del premio, non me lo dia. But within the leagues, thanks to centralized collective deals, the earnings gap has in part been eroded. The top earning club in England gets roughly 1.3 times as much as the median club while in Spain, the multiple is 4.1. That’s highest among major leagues but a lot lower and more equitable than it once was: indeed, it’s interesting to note that if La Liga’s method for awarding TV money were used in the Premier League, a method skewed more towards rewarding historical results and the size of a club’s fanbase, Manchester United’s broadcast revenues would shoot up from million ($178.7 million) to a whopping million ($443.2 million)..

Electronic reminders, eHealth technology and e mail messaging to patients integrated into the EMR have also been reported to have a beneficial effect on diabetes care. Some recommendations have been devised for the meaningful use of EMRs to improve the process and, possibly, intermediate outcomes of diabetes care as well. Another potential benefit to consider is the extraction and aggregation of data to create diabetes registers.

The dialogue sessions were interesting but difficult, Staiti said. Was still really traumatized and having to talk with people I had up until now only thought of as enemies was hard. At first, the young people eyed each other with suspicion, but their hostility melted away over the weeks of shared space..

Nonostante tutto i canarini si riavvicinano e sognano un finale punto a punto. Cos non perch i padroni di casa allungano di nuovo e conservano il vantaggio fino all errore di Modena che chiude il parziale. Modena comincia il secondo set con Orduna in regia (aveva cominciato la gara Travica).

Una chiesa depredata. Dall e dai vandali. Nel 1994 fu derubata di gran parte dei suoi arredi e decori e nel 2012 venne gravemente danneggiata a causa di un incendio al suo interno. Was related to “cultural nationalism.” It compares modernism in Australia and in Canada, aiming to explain why Canadian modernism and nationalism were closely related while Australian modernism was opposed to literary nationalism. The focus is on Swedish Viking narratives, but points of comparison are established with Viking children’s literature in the English speaking world. Differences and similarities are pointed out, but more importantly, patterns of reciprocity and influence are examined.

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