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You can genuinely feel bad for every Leones Negros fan who has had to watch the club constantly fail during the past couple of months. In the last six games, the squad has only scored a total of three goals. Ecuadorian striker Fidel Martinez is currently the team’s leading goal scorer with six so far this Clausura, but the problem with Leones Negros is that when he doesn’t score, nobody else does..

The Seagulls have a point on the board, but they haven’t managed a goal yet. Norwich City fans will allow themselves a wry smile, having experienced Chris Hughton’s top flight caution before. But Hughton is no fool. The presumption behind the tele communications reform legislation passed by the Congress and signed by President Clinton is that de regulation will create more competition, not less, for local phone service. That is the bet we have made. But, like all bets, it is a gamble.

I grandi classici non sono mi stati cos indossabili e contemporanei. Un duo vincente va in scena da Max Mara e Blumarine: pelle perfetta e satinata n coppia con, nel primo caso, un rossetto tangerine aranciato, saturo ma matte e nel secondo, un rosso fuoco vivo vellutato, quasi materico, dei Retromatte Lisptick di MAC Cosmetics. Superfluo perfino il mascara.

Well, as we mentioned earlier, there’s been a passionate reaction to Jim Fallows’ piece. Ambassador to Iraq James Jeffrey. You heard Margaret mention him. For example, only 10% of the Serbian population accept the facts about the Srebrenica genocide, the greatest crime committed in Europe since World War II, as they were established by the ICTY. While that companion piece addressed the empirical, ‘what’ question, this one looks at the equally, if not even more important, ‘why’ question: why has the ICTY proven to be so ineffectual in inducing attitude change? In answering this question I proceed primarily from the theoretical standpoint of social psychology, enabling a more sophisticated understanding of how the target audiences in the former Yugoslavia have so persistently resisted internalizing the ICTY’s factual findings. I argue that the causes of the ICTY’s ineffectiveness are complex, turning on an interplay between subjective and objective limitations on individuals’ processing of information about war crimes, limitations that are largely independent of the quality of the Tribunal’s own work.

Dagli anni l si specializza in biciclette da corsa di fascia tecnica elevata prodotte artigianalmente. Ma non è tutto: Detto Pietro offre prodotti personalizzati anche per la fascia mountain bike, triathlon e city bike, creando ogni bicicletta in base alle caratteristiche fisiche del cliente, utilizzando componenti di altissima qualità tecnica. I prezzi vanno dai 200 agli oltre 1000 euro; una city bike di gran classe viene sui 420 euro.

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